I just wanna get away one night in Barcelona
There we can do anything
the things we really wanna
Under the sky
Sangria wine
You re body on mine
Let s go for tonight
I just wanna get away
One night in Barcelona.
Don t need a reason to stay tonight
don t need no one to tell me what is right
oh you re more than a feeling and i can deny my heart
All the longing for you
is the hardest part.
It feels so heavenly
our love is like a sweet sweet melody
Never let me go cause i don t wanna be set free
The woman I love has a pretty, pretty face
And dancin’ ah di riddim has a pretty, pretty waist
No stylist, she has ah pretty, pretty taste
Bound to me cah we are pretty, pretty laced
Eyes so big and dem full of grace
Gyal yuh a lead nah need fi di stress
Bompa so phat so give her backspace
Gyal yuh a lead nah need fi di stress.

Escrita por: Alexandra Irina Măruță, Donici Corneliu Constantin, Hirt Angelica Laurentiu Duta, Postolache Mihai, Vasiliu Matei Anton

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